Compare Dementia Diagnosis


Information on the progression of these diseases detailing what changes to expect is extremely limited so we have created a graphic for you that we hope will help! In many cases you may not even have a clear diagnosis making things even trickier so with this chart you can compare the different diseases. 

This chart compares memory (green), physical (blue), behavioral (red), and emotional (yellow) symptoms experienced by individuals progressing through a specific diagnosis of dementia. 

A full circle represents a fully functioning or stable person. The size of the circle represents the level of function or stability the individual experiences in each stage relative to a fully functioning individual. For example, a tiny circle means low level of functioning or stability, larger circles mean higher level of functioning or stability.


Dementia Symptoms Chart Key
Dementia Symptoms Chart
Created by: Samuel J. Steven, Ana Garcia
Note: Dementia varies from person to person and exact diagnosis of the disease is extremely difficult. We created this chart as a means to compare the diseases, using references from studies and personal experiences from caretakers caring for loved ones diagnoses with these specific diseases.  
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