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Caring for someone with dementia comes with a fair share of challenges and each person is unique in their disease. 

Memory Loss

Dementia causes loss of mental ability - these products focus on maintaining stimulation of your loved ones memory.

Personal Hygiene

It is quite common for people with dementia to forget about, or lose interest in, their own personal hygiene. This can include forgetting how to brush their teeth, how to shave, or even how to clip their toenails.  


A person with dementia may need help with toileting - ensuring that they are clean and dry is extremely important. 
Carers can use a number of strategies to overcome problems with bathing.
Changing clothes is important for hygiene and personal freshness.
A person with dementia can forget how to feed themselves and needs assistance to ensure proper nutrition.

Wandering inside of the house and outside of the home can be unsafe for the person experiencing dementia. 

Being out in Public
Being out in public with a loved one that has dementia can be challenging.