Toys for Entertaining Dementia Patients

Toys for Entertaining Dementia Patients

We had a lunch and learn at work today about innovation and diversity. The main points were innovation comes from blending diverse ideas together. Two existing but unique ideas when combined together can create something innovative. Another point was coming up with lots of ideas. Not all are going to work well, so constantly come up with ideas and combining different ideas and eventually one should stick. And the final point was about the process of getting to a great idea. Most great ideas or new innovative products don’t come about in one grand action or plan. Most ideas form after small iterative attempts to create something great or to solve a problem. Often taking the smallest step is the hardest but the first in creating the great and innovative solution.

So during the lunch and learn I kept thinking about all the ideas Pedro has come up with to help with Jorge and tried to determine what the smallest steps are that we can take to help his dad. Yesterday we were hanging out with Rachel and Mateo and some small comment made him grumpy and we didn’t have a great way to help him become happy again. So I was thinking about toys and games or something that could distract him and make him happy. So what are some toys out there or toys we could create as a first step in helping increase his happiness?

Here are some ideas I found on the internet or thought would be good to invest in.

  • Musical toys like maracas or tambourines that can just be held and make noise or  a xylophone might be easy enough
  • Playable Art Ball – easy to hold wooden balls that can be manipulated for easy distractions
  • Tangle Toys – similar to above but cheaper
  • Rummage basket with toys like wooden rings with larger holes, stacking cups, mega blocks

Since many of these are kids toys I’m going to reach out to my family and see if they have toys my younger siblings and I are now to old to play with. These can probably also be easily found at garage sales which traditionally have lots of children’s items. I’ll report back which items we tried and which ones Jorge enjoys.

Author: Kelsey Moore